The notes from Bill's session included two articles from the Bridge Bulletin

a Dec 2011 article by Jennifer Jones titled Losing Trick Count - Part 1

and a December 2017 article by Mel Colchamiro titled Don't Be a Loser

Both articles are reproduced here with the permission of the ACBL.

“How good must the trump fit be? Initially, be prepared to use LTC whenever you have a decent 8-card or longer fit. Later, adjustments should be made for excellent trump fits (‘superfit’) for which one loser should be deducted or for poor trump support for which one loser should be added. The LTC operates soundly on the basis of a 9-card trump fit, or a good 8-card fit, such as the 4-4 fit. With lesser 8-card fits, such as the 5-3 or 6-2, you should add a loser unless the 3-card or doubleton support is excellent (J-10-x / Q-x-x or better, or J-10 / Q-x or better). When you hold trump support and some ruffing value (a doubleton, singleton or void outside trumps), use the the normal LTC approach. Where you have trump support but no ruffing value, it is better to estimate the playing strength by using the Cover Card approach…..”

Ron Klinger
Modern Losing Trick Count